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Sixth Pokemon is a batch game/virus that says to train 5 pokemon to lv.100 in the batch game. And you start off with your first pokemon, Hoothoot. But as you would progress more, Hoothoot would soon become the Sixth pokemon. Getting this virus and its wareabouts are unknown. We do know that it was made 2001 as a top secret file that would be sent trough an IP editing software to Pokemon forums. People who would recieve the virus would be told to play it for a reward on the forum ( Adminship or something depending on the forum itself ).

Needless to say, it was a full-fleged pokemon game that was text only but it sure seemed like fun.

THE EFFECTS: After playing for a while, a message would apperar to those who didnt use Hoothoot; If you did, the virus wouldnt affect you.

"Hey, 'username' remember me? Its Hoothoot, ya your fisrt pal. Did you forget?"

Most people were frightened by this line of text because it came out of the blue. And people couldnt edit it because it would delete all word-processing software.

It would follow to say: " Dont forget... your Sixthpokemon..."

And the game would close. Sending error messages "I thought he trusted you" and more cyrptic stuff. Some people say it started pokemon creepypastas but no one could find it because it was only up for a week or so. People who did recieve it however, their account on everything would get banned, passwords deleted and replaced with spam like "dfawdfWFDGwfrgfsfrgWDFgsdfer356". And all saved data would be gone... then the computer would die. Re-creation of this bat will made but witout the virus. Ill keep you updated.

SpicyHandofMarriage 17:32, November 20, 2011 (UTC)