Webart jodi

The homepage of is a website that was created in 1995.

The creators of this site are internet artists: Joan Heemskerk and Dirk Paesmans.


Here is the hydrogen bomb

The website and its secretsEdit

The homepage is like a cluster of green text, because i think it is supposed to be a ascii of somesort...It actually is!

I used inspect element and toyed with it for a while and i saw that the text was a ascii of a hydrogen bomb. Hello Holden

Doing my own studying if you click the green text it bring you to this page (see below) BINHEX is a codeing language... Betalab is a labitory in DC... And the numbers 131.24.167 is an IP adress of a AirForce base in Alabama. Click this link for proff of the IP--> Also the map shown on the same page is a Topographal Map... Im trying to find out what it is a map of.

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